Gitavali has been practicing Krishna consciousness or Bhakti Yoga since 2005 after travelling to New Zealand on a working holiday visa, looking for the answers to life’s biggest questions. She had just graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Concordia University and wanted to change the world through film. Originally from Canada, she now permanently resides in Auckland, NZ, with her husband and young son. As well as being a yoga teacher, running the Veda Club at the University of Auckland and supporting the outreach at the Loft Yoga Lounge, she and her husband run an ashram at their communal home where they train young working men, travelers or students to grow organically in Krishna consciousness. She is also a trained, certified Life Coach and runs an online business from home.

She loves to connect with people and introduce them to the Bhakti Lifestyle which is very conducive for the times that we live in with anxiety and stress at its highest. Bhakti allows us to concentrate our actions, mind, thoughts, and words in the service of the Supreme Divine person.

Gitavali also intends to run workshops and short courses via this website. Retreats for people who want more in-depth Life coaching skills are also on the cards later in 2019.