Life coaching allows you to identify what is blocking you from moving forward. With a coach by your side to guide you, motivate you, coach you in the right direction, you can really make some transformational changes in your own life by answering the right questions. If you wan to tackle the way you think, the way your acting and figure out how to change your bad habits (over-eating, stressing out, over- drinking, smoking, laziness, procrastination…). I can help you with all that. Start with prioritizing what needs addressing first and the rest usually follows. 

I’m offering one-on-one coaching available during the week.  After training as a Life coach last year, I feel confident that I can help and guide people on the right track to assist them to see the obstacles in the way of their progress and help them see the things they are meant to see for their ultimate good. Spiritually or materially.

I’m available Monday to Wednesday between 9am and 3 pm. (NZ standard time)

Book your initial consultation here: (add an apt booking plug-in)

First consultation 20min~$30NZ (or $21USD) or FREE

Subsequent Sessions 60min~$90NZ ($62USD)

 or 90min~$108 ($75USD)

Bulk of 4 sessions 60min each ~$320 ($220USD)

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”       -Albert Einstein 

“If you don’t control your mind, your mind will control your life.
Too many people sabotage themselves because of fear, self-doubt, negative talk, and deeply ingrained ways of thinking.”  -Mahatma Das