For every bhakti yogi Determined to get things done

and progress organically in spiritual life

What You'll Get In This Book:

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    One day per page; the weekends are on one page.
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    Vaisnava calendar dates based on your location.
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    Daily space to record habits like japa, sadhana, exercise, etc...

A book of gratitude, a space to create good habits, attain spiritual and material goals and log what's happening in your exciting Bhakti life.

So much more than just a book to write down appointments and to-do’s, the Rise Up journal helps you organize and prioritize your spiritual life, keeping your priorities and daily goals on the forefront. There are so many aspects to this planner so it can appeal to so many different types of devotees.

Feel free to use it as you like, without feeling pressured to fill it all out completely. It’s a personal progress tool to assist you, not to make you feel overwhelmed or pressured. Use it as you please.

At the beginning of each month, you can set your goals and then if a goal is big, you can separate the step into manageable tasks so that it becomes a lot easier. Give yourself personal deadlines to achieve your goal.

Developing an attitude of Gratitude everyday. It's such a key element of my life and it's so rewarding to look back at everything from a few months before.

Whether you’re a beginning Bhakti yogi or a senior one, or growing a family, or married, single, working or not, the Rise Up your Bhakti Life Journal will uplift you and assist you on your spiritual journey.

Everyday, there's a little something to focus on. Whether it's a special appearance day of one of our Acharyas or an inspirational quote or maybe just something to think about; like how you're going, or an insight you want to express or someone you need to get in touch with. Never underestimate the power of pen to paper.

There's something about writing things down. It's a practice that's being lost with the rise of the digital world and the multitude of technological gadgets on the market today. There are so many distractions preventing us to invest in ourselves as individuals.

Now is the time to Rise and shine for who you are and who you're meant to be.

We often hide behind certain behaviors and patterns and habits and we don't take the time to deal with ourselves properly.

Now is the time! If you so desire.

By using this book you'll get these benefits:

Goal Setting

You can set Reading Goals and use the Monthly Goal Setting Sheets for setting monthly goals. Track your own progress thru Personal Progress Sheets.

​Daily Space

Get some space to record daily habits like japa, sadhana, exercise, etc... Reflect on your past week and write down favourite memories. Create a daily habit of Gratitude. 


Write down your reflections, introspections and realizations. Get inspiration from well-selected quotes that are strategically placed on top of various pages. 

"I am so grateful for your service."

"Your journal has been an absolute lifesaver for me this year trying to balance a full-time degree and ashram life. I look forward to next year's edition to get through the last leg of this phase! It's so helpful having everything of relevance already laid out, an instant motivator and pacifies a “vata” mind. The quotes are also very inspiring and revitalise one's consciousness in times of need. "

- Bhaktin Sarah, Wellington 

create good habits, attain spiritual and material goals...

"This is so much more than just a book of appointments and to-do's."

You can log your habits daily, like a "habit tracker" you can say. So you can be motivated to build good habits that help you make consistent progress toward your goals.

The prices for bulk "wholesale" orders will vary according to the amount of books you order. And shipping speeds also vary. But it take about a week to process the order and get the books printed, so you can expect your order approximately 2 weeks after you order, depending on your location.

What this book Does for You:


​Rise up your life Features:

High quality, extra thick 120 GSM paper that won’t bleed through.

Think and not worry about dealing with blotted ink on the next page. The strong, tight binding ensures a comfortable writing experience. You don't have to worry about accidentally ripping the pages off.

Beautiful color cover design

Enhance your creativity and be inspired by the front design, which Gitavali created herself. 

Creativity is flows in every person, and it is manifested in different ways. Write down your thoughts in fancy fonts and highlight them in different colors. Add your own zest to your reflections!

japa log - all in one go

Doing our daily round of Japa can be a bit of a challenge.

The Rise Up Your Life Book's Japa Log helps devotees keep track of their daily rounds. An easy way to create a daily habit of gratefulness. The book also contains enough space to keep track of other habits that you wish to cultivate, including sadhana, exercise, and so on...

organize your day, week, month with a timetable

Have a daily space to record habits.

A weekly space to record thoughts, reflections, memories and inspirations.

A monthly space to set goals and track your progress. 

A Vaisnava calendar with location-based dates makes it easier to keep track of important festivals and dates in ISKCON. 

Rise up your life

Listen in on an exclusive interview as I talk about my journey to Krishna Consciousness and the process for making the Rise Up Your Life Journal.

"I love my Rise Up Bhakti Life Journal. "

"It's great having lots of room to write my daily plan and having each day marked so that I can't miss Ekadasi, festivals, appearance or disappearance days is a real plus. The daily habits log is a good motivator for helping me keep on top of my sadhana and health.  I also like the monthly goal setting chart so that I can plan ahead. Will definitely purchase each year and could see that it would be a fantastic and practical Christmas gift for family and friends.” -, Auckland"

- H.G. Vimala devi dasi, Auckland

"Every page is illuminating ..."

"I really appreciate Gitavali’s Masterpiece Bhakti Diary. Every page is illuminating with Health tips, spiritual aspirations and opportunities for the betterment of one’s eternal benefit."

- Bhuri Bhoja das,  Auckland

"A very comprehensive devotional diary."

"A very comprehensive devotional diary. Sadhana, service, health, gratitude, realisations, motivation and inspiration."

- Viniti devi dasi

"It ignites positivity in all aspects of your life "

"The Rise Up journal is very simple and sleek; it’s simply magic! It ignites positivity in all aspects of your life, making it a breeze to record and monitor your progress all in one place. A valuable asset to all. "

- Narayana Rishi das , Hamilton

What You'll Get...

Rise up Your Life helps organize your day, week, month to form positive habits for life...


Get your Journal Now and transform your life with good habits. Never miss any festival, focus on your health, exercise, sadhana, and japa...


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