“Yoga is such a great way to be free of so much gunk, emotional tension, physical pain, and then, it’s time to let go, feel good and rise up.” -Gitavali

Gitavali has been teaching yoga at the Loft Yoga Lounge since January 2011. She did two training courses; Ashtanga yoga in Melbourne in 2007 and then she realize that she prefers and more flowy, relaxing, yin/hatha flow practice. And she took another Yoga training course with Karana Karana devi dasi in January 2008 in Auckland.

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She offers vibrant and relaxing yoga classes at your work or at home. An amazing way to free the body of tension and at the same time build strength, flexibility and mental focus. A class designed for those who work long hours at a desk. For Auckland CBD or the greater Auckland area. 


Gita has been my yoga teach for over three years now. For me Gita’s yoga symbolises Gita’s nature-warm, welcoming and leaving you filled with positivity. Yoga with Gita has been a  rock that has helped me negotiate a couple of tough times in my life and still keep smiling. Thanks Gita.”

-Elaine Doherty, Waiheke

“I really enjoy Gitavali’s yoga classes, she has an easy energy and is quirky and very personable which is amazing to be around”

– Kieran Purcell, Auckland

“Relaxed, stretched beyond my expectations and focused, is how I feel after a yoga class with Gitavali. Her enjoyable Hatha yoga classes are comfortably paced and include a variety of flow sequences, stretches, and twists that take you out of the place you are ‘in’ and into to a calmer one! Highly recommended.”

-Elaine Birk from Australia

“I have been going to Gitavali’s yoga classes at The Loft for 7 years. It’s the highlight of my week. Yoga is good for mind, body and soul and it’s true that yoga, at The Loft, has profoundly changed my life .. for the better. Thank you Marie/Gitavali, you are an absolute inspiration.”  

-Liz Light, Award winning photographer and writer, Auckland